Meeting Hummusapien!

I’ve never been one who has had celebrity crushes. But blogger crushes, my oh my, that is one different story! I cannot even remember how I stumbled upon Hummusapien but my whole being is content that I did. I have been following her blog for roughly a year and now I can say (in a Buddy the elf voice) I KNOW HER…more like I MET HER but you get the point.

Just about two weeks ago, I walked into her juice bar and cafe, Alchemy. I always read about Alexis’ work and see pictures of her gorgeous menu items so I made it a point to fit brunch into my schedule before the school year ended. When finals week rolled around and I no longer had classes every morning, I was ecstatic to made the trek for a beloved acai bowl.

It was an incredible surprise when I walked in and Alexis was working away behind the counter. I froze and then proceeded to debate in my head when I should say hello. As soon as she looked up, I inched closer to her and said something along the lines of, “I love you so much and I read every word you write and I want to be you”. I promise hope it was much, much less obsessive. I told her that I read her blog post that morning and then she gave me and my friend her suggestions on what to order. Alexis was oh so kind and even prettier in person (if that’s possible)!

I was unexplainably starstruck. I feel like only about ten people in the world can make me as nervously excited as she did. You don’t understand how much I look up to her and how much she inspires me! We got a picture together and I was physically shaking. My friend who was taking the picture told me that she noticed. Yikes. My arm was around Alexis in the picture so there is no possible way that she didn’t feel me trembling. Double yikes. I didn’t stop shaking until I left Alchemy an hour and a half later. Triple yikes.


The acai bowl was divine and the presentation was marvelous. Homemade peanut butter, perfectly crisp coconut, fresh banana, best granola I have ever tasted and the superb acai. My soul was smiling for this bowl that worked together better than a symphony. Beethoven takes second place on this one because this glorious meal was one of the best things I have ever had.

IMG_6591   IMG_6593   IMG_6595But wait, there’s more! I posted our picture on my Instagram and my day continued to get better. Alexis commented and then she posted it on her account. Wowzas! I definitely did not wake up on that delightful Wednesday morning thinking that I would meet my favorite blogger and I would appear on her Instagram. My other favorite blogger, Robyn Coale, liked the post so my day was made times 23595.


I was beaming all day and gladly repeated my experience to at least ten friends. I would have blogged about it the second that I got home but this blog did not exist then. My goal for the next two years, that I can positively say I will still be living in Columbus, is to try everything on her menu. One of my professors wants to get breakfast soon and I already told him that we are going to Alchemy. My day was hummbelievable (I 100% stole this word from Alexis) and I already have the picture of us hanging on my dorm room wall. It was certainly the best finals week ever!!


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