What I Ate Today: Internship Edition

WIAWs are my all-time favorite blog posts to read. For those who aren’t familiar with food blogs, this translates to What I Ate Wednesday. I am altogether a curious person and when it comes to something that I am passionate about (a.k.a. nutrition), the nosiness grows insanely. Every Tuesday night, I remember that the next day my inbox will contain a few WIAWs and I go to bed as excited as my six-year-old self on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. Christmas every week? I’ll take it!

Today is not Wednesday but I wanted to post what I ate anyways. Instead of confusing people with a weird acronym, I’m calling it What I Ate Today: Internship Edition. This is the first Thursday of my summer and the first Thursday of my internship with a running company. I leave every morning at 8 a.m. and return around 7 p.m. so tupperware has become my best friend for this girl who loves needs to snack. I’m still baffled how Regina George had the willpower to neglect her mother’s offer for snacks.

Because this is my first food related post, I’ll provide a quick summary of my food philosophy. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, while focusing on quality nutrients. If I want three pieces of pizza drowned in ranch, I’ll go for it. If I want a kale salad with a side of berries, I’ll take that instead. My preferred food choices generally fall in the plant-based diet realm. This means lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts and beans with dark chocolate at least once every 24 hours. It makes me feel good mentally and physically and the vibrant colors create a blissful appeal.

Breakfast was Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s out of the bag and a banana. Warning: everything I ate today is from Trader Joe’s. Feel free to reference #3 on my last post. Second warning: almost everything I ate today was at my desk at the office so don’t set your expectations too high in the scenery department.

My stomach started rumbling a few hours later and the snacks diligently followed. First, it was 2 two-ingredient cookies (just bananas and oats) alongside iced coffee, then came a gala apple and finally, roasted sweet potatoes settled my mid-morning hunger. I anticipate that the journey from my swivel chair to the refrigerator is going to become a familiar one.

IMG_6716 IMG_6725 IMG_6726IMG_6729 (1) IMG_6733 IMG_6734

Soon afterwards, my computer stopped working so I saw that as a sign to take a break for lunch. I packed an unphotogenic spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cucumber and bell pepper salad. Instead of dressing (mainly because I don’t have any), I went for hummus and it was extravagant. I dropped some edamame crackers on top for a salty crunch and let’s just say I know what I am having for lunch for the rest of my life.

The small tiffany blue packages are more valuable in my eyes than anything at Tiffany’s. Yes, I truly mean it. They are that delicious. Unwrap them and you have yourself dark chocolate honey mints that are made with just three ingredients. A part of me wants to share them with everyone I know because they are life-changing. The other part of me wants to hide them from humanity so I can enjoy every single one for myself. The other part of me won today.

IMG_6752 IMG_6702 IMG_6683

In the afternoon, I had celery and peanut butter. I don’t think this combination will ever get old. Actually, I don’t think any peanut butter combination will become monotonous. If I had to guess, the last day I went without peanut butter would have been three years ago. I hope that tragedy never has to happen again.

Tomorrow is going to be a sad, sad day at approximately 7:22 p.m. I made five servings of this stir-fry-like dish at the beginning of the week and this was #4. Hidden in that white bowl is quinoa, roasted broccoli, roasted edamame, snap peas, broccoli slaw and coconut aminos. My heart nearly broke into 12 pieces when I hit the bottom.

One of my role models and favorite bloggers, Robyn Coale, once said, “Bedtime snacks are like the 11th commandment.” Simple truth. As I attempted to catch up on blogs that I had to forego from reading during finals week, I had a good amount of this tub of popcorn and with it, I was well pleased.


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