28 Facts About Me!

Lists are my preferred way of thinking, planning, deciding, and doing. This is random fact number one.

You may want to know more about a girl before you give of your time to read what I feel compelled to share. So, I have compiled a list of things that I could possibly say when people ask me for a fact about myself. However, my mind goes blank 106% of the time when that question arises.  Maybe one of these things will stick for that next opportunity.

I truly don’t think anyone knows all of these things about me so if you are reader #1, you have the pleasure of knowing useless information that has not entered the mind of any other person on this planet. I hope you feel accomplished.

2. I was the first case of frostbite at my doctor’s office six years ago.

3. I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s. It is a beautiful grocery store for those who unfortunately have not heard. I wrote a paper on it a few weeks ago and I am currently eating a Trader Joe’s orange. Now I am the unfortunate one because the keys on my laptop are sticky.

4. I can’t whistle, wink, snap or touch my toes. No worries, becoming more flexible is on my summer bucket list.

5. I do not like restaurant chains. Local is the way to go! This is also why one of my life goals is to road trip across the United States and stop at restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

6. I thoroughly dislike perfect times (perfect meaning ends in a 0 or a 5). For this reason, I never set my alarm to a perfect time. Today I woke up at 6:13. Tomorrow? 6:08. Hence, the 28 Facts About Me and not 25.

7. I tried to learn every word to Ice Ice Baby. After a good half hour, I called a rain check because it is much much harder than I anticipated. Also on the summer bucket list.

8. I am named after a sorority girl that my mom never met.

9. I am a compulsive radio channel changer and it annoys even me. I just can’t accept that a better song may be playing and I could be missing a better dance party than the one I was already having.

10. I love to organize. In high school, no career path interested me so I did mass research on how to become a professional organizer.

11. I am so jumpy. If a person surprises me or catches me off guard, I will scream extremely loud. You would’ve thought that I stepped on a mound of hot legos.

12. I am an awful parker. Every. single. time. I have considered going to an empty parking lot and practicing because it is incredibly embarrassing.

13. I have no bias against starbursts. People get annoyed when they get two yellows but I am thrilled with any flavor of traditional, tropical, fruit slushies, fave reds or superfruit. Even if it’s old and hard as a rock, I will love it.

14. I have a secret board on Pinterest called ‘DELIVERY’. This board is full of hydrangea and peony bouquets (hint hint). It’s in all caps because each time I open it, it feels like I just received a splendid delivery of flowers at my doorstep. I recommend you do the same.

15. I created a shuffleboard league in high school and the back of our shirts said “Everyday I’m Shuffling”.

16. I hate comedies, especially romantic comedies. Psychological thrillers, preferably involving murders, are my go-to.

17. I am greatly fond of office supplies. I would rather win a shopping spree to Staples than the mall.

18. Candles bring me more joy than what is probably healthy. You know that saying, “You can’t be sad when holding a cupcake”?, I replace it with a candle.

19. When people ask me what I enjoy, 88% of my list is food. Sushi, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, avocado toast, hummus, dark chocolate all the veggies, all the fruits. I’ll stop now.

20. I went to an all girls school from 7-12th grade and it was AMAZING. Katie Holmes went to the same high school as me. My daughter will not get a choice to go to a co-ed school.

21. I don’t like to swim and I don’t like the beach.

22. New beginnings get me beyond excited. True passion at its finest comes alive with a new day, week and month. A new year…I am euphoric.

23. I laugh at pretty much anything besides comedies or jokes. Some days I just smile when talking to people and they ask me, “What’s so funny?”, and all I can do is laugh some more. I don’t understand and I get weird looks often.

24. I had a fish that didn’t know how to swim. R.I.P. Sunny.

25. My favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11. I hate telling people because this verse is the definition of stereotypical girl with a painted canvas of it in her room. It prevails with a one-of-a-kind experience I had with it at a retreat, thanks to my friend, Earnest, from Uganda.

26. I think blankets are the best invention ever. One Christmas, all I asked for was blankets. I have narrowed my collection down to 8… at school with me.

27. I tend to say words in pairs. For example, I always find myself saying “sweet sweet”, “fun fun”, “yes yes”, etc.

28. My three greatest fears all start with ‘S’: squirrels, stitches and semi trucks.


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